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They're not terrorists

If America wants to stand any chance of surviving the Middle-East, they need to stop using their petty "terrorist" label in favor of "insurgent". But I expect them to be too arrogant to learn from the mistakes Russia
made in both Afghanistan and Chechnya. In both cases they considered the opposition mere terrorists, which cost them dearly. In Afghanistan they were outright beaten by America's friends Al Qaeda, the Taliban and the
Northern Alliance.

In Chechnya they made every mistake in the book, costing them the lives of thousands upon thousands of soldiers. Eventually, though, they got the message: savagery can only be squelched with savagery. (I am not in any
way condoning their actions) This may have won them the war, but it bred a new generation of Islamic warriors that may very well come back to haunt them. War is in the Chechen's blood, as you can see in this short

If America wants to stand any chance, they'd better start to understand what kind of people they're dealing with. With the latest "return our troops", America has all but lost the war in Afghanistan. Only a weak
puppet regime, that controls not much more than Kabul, remains while the Taliban is retaking much of the territory they lost. The biggest mistake America made was exactly what the Russians did: believing the capital
city was of any importance.

Like the Chechens, the Afghans are a very tribal people, almost to the point of xenophobic. The Taliban's power base has always been the tribes, particularly the majority Pashtuns that have been more or less side-lined
in Karzai's "unity" government. The Pashtuns, as an aside, habitate not just Afghanistan, but also parts of northern Pakistan. You know, where Bin Laden was eventually found and assassinated. When America seized Kabul
and other cities, the Taliban and Al Qaeda forces simply dissipated into their homelands and slipped across the porous borders.

In the Middle East, America is now faced with an insurgency (ISIS) whose core is made up of veteran Chechen clans that are virtually impossible to infiltrate due to their centuries old clan codes. These people are the
survivors of the Soviet and Russian wars in Chechnya. They're raised as warriors from the day they were born. When the Arab and Afghan mujahideen came to their defence during the Russian wars, they found that there
wasn't much they could teach the Chechens.

With every press conference, every condemnation, every "lets form a coalition", every "no boots on the ground", every "surgical precision strikes", every "no civilian casualties", it is proven to them that Americans are

These are exactly the words and actions of Russia during the first Chechnya independence war, where mighty Russia got their ass handed to them. All of these "actions" are direct and effective recruiting tools. Who wouldn't
want to fight a bunch of godless cowards?

As I've mentioned previously, there are two kinds of Jihad that matter in this discussion: defensive and offensive. Bin Laden's brilliance was his ability to focus much of the Muslim
world on America's actions in the Middle East, and cast those as an attack on Islam, requiring a defensive Jihad in response.

The brilliance is this: joining the defensive Jihad is a personal choice between you and your God, not something mandated by an authority. If you believe that Bin Laden's portrayal is accurate and truthful, it is your
personal duty to support the Jihad in whatever way you can, be that by spreading the message, monetarily or by joining the fight.

If you win, you win. If you die fighting, you're a martyr. However, if you refuse to fight, you're not only a cowards, but disobeying God's will.