MQTT to Adafruit-IO

Adafruit recently opened up a beta for their IoT Dashboard. This service provides a simple way to aggregate IoT data and create dashboards with various graphs with them. For a good introduction, have a lookat Jeremy Morgan's blog. I have started a while back to organize my own IoT projects »

Preventing NodeMCU Bootloops

I've been playing with the NodeMCU development board a lot over the last couple of days, in particular, communicating with it through MQTT and connecting it to one of those tiny OLED display modules. NodeMCU has a very convenient facility to automatically run some code when the processor boots, by creating an »

Mea Culpa - Eudyptula

I have been neglecting my blog for a while. I have been spending a good deal of my free time on studying the Linux kernel, while working on the Eudyptula Challenge. This is a Linux kernel development challenge, that guides you through a series of increasingly complicated tasks in order to become »

Table driven FizzBuzz State Machine

This morning I woke up with another implementation for the classic FizzBuzz problem in my mind, a table driven state machine. This is easy to implement, since there are only 15 possible states if you keep no memory of previous states. The number of states can be reduced even further if you »

Blue o'Clock

I was toying around with JavaScript a bit, came up with this clock that cycles through the RGB spectrum. I'm quite satisfied with the function passing capabilities and the anonymous objects. »

Java Generators

A Generator is a special routine that can be used to control the iteration behavior of a loop, however, instead of returning all the values at once, a generator yields the values one at a time. This is useful when values take up a large amount of memory, or take a significant »

Playing with Java 8

I've been playing some more with some of the Java 8 features in my toy message-bus. While the features may seem "just syntax sugar" on the surface, I think it's a real game-changer for Java. It takes some time to get your head around using them (though it certainly helps to have »

Common Core Math

The video below has been doing the rounds, showing how ludicrous and overly complicated the Common Core Mathematics are. Go ahead and have a look at it before reading on, it's only 80 seconds. (For those in China, I put up a mirror on Youku) When I watched it, and especially after »