Sleeping in the street

I had a very vivid dream last night of the period in my life I was homeless. In fact, it was of the first night I slept in the streets. I've never written about this, though it's a long time ago. Dreaming about it last night made me realize maybe I should »

Chinese Green Card

After much trial and tribulation, my application for the Chinese Permanent Residence Permit ("Green Card") has finally been accepted today. This kicks off an investigation that can take up to a year or so, before I'll (hopefully) have my Green Card granted. Why? So far I've had to extend my temporary residence »

Mea Culpa - Eudyptula

I have been neglecting my blog for a while. I have been spending a good deal of my free time on studying the Linux kernel, while working on the Eudyptula Challenge. This is a Linux kernel development challenge, that guides you through a series of increasingly complicated tasks in order to become »