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On Jihad

The following story was in the news today: John Kerry seeks help in Indonesia:

The U.S. is looking for these countries [Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei] "to do more and cooperate more" to keep extremist proselytizing out of their territories, rebut extremist
ideologies, prevent the flow of foreign fighters and crack down on terrorist financing, the officials said.

Once again the US proves not to have the slightest understanding of Islam. For those who do want to know:

There are two kinds of Jihad (actually three, but two that are pertinent here):

  • "Collective Jihad", to expand Islam. This can only be called for by an Islamic Caliphate, of which there are non.
  • "Individual Jihad", to defend Islam. This can be called for by anyone and is an individual duty of every Muslim.

What we have been dealing with is a Jihad of the second kind. Many Muslims (rightly) believe Islam is under attack from the West, specifically from America. This means they are required by Allah to come to it's defence.

Governments trying to stop these individuals are only being counter-productive, they are standing between the individual and his God, reinforcing their believe that Islam is indeed under attack.

The only way to de-escalate this situation is to convince the public that Islam is not under attack, which will likely involve the US pulling back from the Islamic land they're occupying.

We all know that's not going to happen...