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Oberon Anagrams

To get a feel of what programming in Oberon-2 is like, I installed the Oxford Oberon-2 compiler and wrote a simple Anagram application.

The simplest way to find if two words are anagrams is to sort the characters in each of them and then compare them. The application I wrote allows you to add words to a "dictionary".
Internally, for each word the sorted characters are used as a hash, words with the same hash are put in the same bucket. When we later ask for the anagrams of a search word, we simply
get the hash and return all the words in the corresponding bucket.

You can find my first attempt on GitHub. You'll notice there is a lot of code for such a simple application, and that much of it is pointer manipulation. I had to implement a Hashmap and a Vector from scratch and deal with raw, fixed-length character arrays. Obviously not a very pleasant experience.

It is clear that what Oberon sorely needs is a standard library. So I started writing one. So far I've implemented a basic String, Vector and Map. This allowed me to write a much nicer version.