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Cats and dogs

Staring out the window I noticed two of the neighbours' cats sitting on the roof of one of the cars. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to get my camera to catch this moment, but I still managed to get one.

How interesting life must be, as a cat! When all the world is your playground, then all your needs are taken care of, and nobody expects anything of you but an occasional purr. How different, but still how much alike, are they from their big cousins, lions, tigers and the like.

Although much smaller than their cousins, they don't differ very much. Anyone who has seen a family of lions after having their lunch will know how playful and friendly they can be. I'm not suggesting to go out to pad them, but I'm sure they also would purr (^_^)

And if you ever saw cats fighting, or sneaking up on a bird, you'll know they can be just as wild as any wild cat. In fact, although domestic, even the house-cat is still largely wild. They have just learned to take advantage of human weaknesses. However, unlike dogs, they still have a very strong mind of their own.

Were I to be an animal, I'd wish to be a cat. By saying this, I realize this choice could be greatly influenced by the individualistic nature of people these days. It seems to me that less individualistic people wouldn't easily choose to be a cat. I guess they would more like to be dogs, or other animals which live in groups.

I'm still thinking about the difference between cat-people and dog-people, but can't quite figure it out. If any of you readers has any ideas about that, please share your thoughts!