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Black Uniforms

Part one:
Man is stopped by an officer who thought he wasn't wearing a seatbelt (he was). Man asks many times if he's being detained, but the officer refuses to answer. Man refuses to show his ausweiss until he's given a valid reason, eventually let go with a verbal warning. (Youku)

Part two:
But wait, it get's better! Only a few minutes later, apparently the officer called up some buddies:

Man is stopped again, this time because he wouldn't show his ausweiss the first time. Continues to ask if he's being detained, this officer refuses to answer as well. So the man still won't show his ausweiss. Dragged out of the car by a handful of American "heroes" and arrested for hindering an investigation. (Youku)

I hope they're real proud of themselves, with their black uniforms...

When the passenger, who fully cooperated from the start, is released, he politely asks for a lift home. The answer of those supposed to protect and serve? Walk

The problem

There are absolutely no consequences for the officers involved. This case could very well lead to a lawsuit, but even then, the damages will be paid by the public, while the officers go their merry way. They need to be held personally responsible.

In every civilized country, upon realizing the man was indeed wearing his seatbelt during the first stop, the officer would have congratulated him on his responsible behaviour and sent him on his way.

You don't need an ID. You don't need intimidation of an innocent man. And you certainly don't need to call up your buddies and have the man stopped again and arrested on some bogus charges, just because he stood in his right and didn't shut up like the slave you consider him to be.

Whatever happened to the police-blue?

Blue Uniforms

Here's one answer:

Across all cultures that have been studied, light colors are consistently associated with goodness and weakness, while
dark colors are consistently perceived as strong but evil. On psychological inventories, test subjects rate lighter
colors as more pleasant and less dominant. Dark colors on the other hand elicit emotions of anger, hostility, dominance,
and aggression.

In other words, it's all about intimidation. And apparently wearing black not only looks more intimidating, it also makes the person wearing it actually become more aggressive. Now where in history did we see this pattern before...?