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American fanatics

Whenever you hear one of those Islamic fanatics spewing hate in the media, remember this:

"We need to kill them. We need to kill them, the radical Muslim terrorists hell-bent on killing us. You're in danger. I'm in danger. We're at war and this is not going to stop.


Our job is to arm those Muslims to the teeth. Give them everything they need to take out these Islamic fanatics. Let them do the job. Let them have at it. And as they do, we need to simply look the other way.


Force Arab nations to choose. They're either with us or they’re against us. And stop with this nuclear negotiation nonsense. They don't operate the way we do. You can't negotiate. You can't mediate. You can't
bargain. You can't even reason with these people!


Seven months ago, I said that we needed to bomb ISIS as it began to steamroll through Iraq. Bomb them. Bomb them. And bomb them again.


This surrender, this refusal to call it what it is is an insult to my father, my grandfather and everyone who served in armed forces, who fought to protect what is sacred to every American."

This fanatic Judge Pirro is spewing the official party line in America. And by official I mean, just as official as those Islamist fanatics.

And yes I stitched together only the most inflammatory parts of her "speech", exactly the way the media does.